Armed Forces Day, May 17 – Fly your flag

Flag etiquette reminder: Armed Forces Day is the third Saturday in May, this year on May 17. This is one of the days Congress suggests we should fly our flags. There may be events near your home.

Armed Forces Day 2008 poster


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6 Responses to Armed Forces Day, May 17 – Fly your flag

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  3. Onkel Bob says:

    Oh nothing set me off, I just saw this as an opportunity to inform the general public. I always receive undeserved thanks on Memorial Day and it’s awkward to explain the difference on that day.
    Agreed in these times where the military is used and abused, acknowledging their contribution is important. I wish that the political leadership learn that we need to rebuild and reinvest in a civilian foreign policy team and use the military for the mission it was designed. It seems to me that the military resembles a hammer and our political class sees every foreign problem as a nail.

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  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Nice, concise boxes, Onkel Bob. I hope nothing I wrote set you off on that — and I hope anyone unclear on the concept catches your comment.

    It’s important in times of war to celebrate those who serve. It’s doubly important in times of stupid wars. Either way, fly your flag on Saturday.

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  5. Onkel Bob says:

    As a veteran may I point out:

    Armed Forces Day celebrates those currently serving.
    Memorial Day remembers those who gave their life in the service of the country.
    Veteran’s Day thanks those who served and survived.

    It always bugs me when people conflate Memorial Day with the other two. I served on an honor guard and that concept sank in.

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