A plagiarism how-to

Back in May, Alex Halavais at A Thaumaturgical Compendium offered advice on how to plagiarize to avoid detection.  Of course, it also lets the cat out of the bag on how to detect such plagiarism, which was his tongue-in-cheek intention all along.  Halavais has some other stuff worth reading, and a very impressive resume.  Any teacher grading essays should read the plagiarism post.

(Tip of the backscrub brush to but she’s a girl . . .)

One Response to A plagiarism how-to

  1. Jim Wynne says:

    The whole business of academic cheating reminds me of a story (undoubtedly apocryphal) a teacher of mine once told:

    While grading exam papers, a teacher noticed that the answers given by two mopes who sat next to each other were amazingly similar. Towards the end of the answer sheets, she noted that one student, in answer to a particularly thorny question, had answered simply, “I didn’t read the material.” The second mope’s answer to the same question was, “Neither did I.”


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