Darwin-to-Hitler claims rebutted

Controversy still simmers over the pending broadcast from Coral Ridge Ministries (CRM) of a program that claims links from evolution theory to the Holocaust.  Apart from being incredibly simplistic historically, the claims raise the ire of scientists and biologists who say CRM gets most of the science and the history of the science wrong.

Rev. D. James Kennedy’s program is titled “Fatal Fruit.”  Alas, it appears to contain many fatal flaws of history. 

Several bloggers raised issues of accuracy in the past week, and especially after Dr. Francis Collins complained about the use of an interview he granted on such a cause (which he claims to be specious), Coral Ridge Ministries changed its promotional material, deleting references to Collins and to Ann Coulter, whose recent book deals in anti-Darwin disinformation.  In response, CRM trotted out historian Richard Weikart, a fellow at the anti-Darwin Discovery Institute in Seattle, whose recent book was titled From Darwin to Hitler.

Ed Brayton notes difficulties with Weikart’s thesis, and the fact that most historians disagree with Weikart and CRM, in a post at Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

I am struck by the irony of CRM’s demonization of science and Darwin, in a program complaining about the effects of Hitler’s rise to power and his use of such demonization tactics against Jews, Gypsies, Africans, Arabs and others. 

You may wish to look at my earlier post, with links to other stories.


4 Responses to Darwin-to-Hitler claims rebutted

  1. Natalie Rae says:

    Hi. While I don’t really see the umm… ‘Hitler using Darwinian ideas therefore, Darwinian ideas are bad’ logic (isn’t that an logical fallacy….?) … anyway. I was under the distinct impression that Darwinian ideas (and other scientific and socio-political concepts) greatly influenced Nazi genocide. The eugenics program of the Nazi’s was merely an intensification of their previous, ‘positive eugenics’ program. The connection between science and Nazi genocide is very clear. However, I do not see how this connection derides evolutionary theory etc. Ann Coulter is simply a wank – she hasn’t said anything of worth, umm, ever….


  2. Michael says:

    how can you be a chirstain when you misinterprete the very begining of the bible. In the begining God created the heaven and the Earth.. IN 6 DAYS.
    not weeks. not months. not years. NOT BILLIONS OF YEARS


  3. elbogz says:

    I was going to meake the same comment. I’m just ashamed to be a Christian. I’m ashamed that people that claim a walk with Jesus could produce vomit like this.
    The other real crying shame is that no one stands up and tells Ann Coulter*****censored***** .

    Perhaps I would say to her

    Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

    or perhaps;

    Matthew 18:6 But who so shall cause one of these little ones that believe on me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a great millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be sunk in the depth of the sea.


  4. ricki says:

    I’m a biology prof and this kind of thing makes me want to weep.

    I teach in the Bible Belt so I guess I better be bracing myself for Darwin/Hitler type questions by students who think they are going to make me look like an idiot and therefore “disprove” evolution.

    (And isn’t there something – Godwin’s Paradox or somesuch – about comparing someone to Hitler means that the discussion has become absurd and pointless and the person who makes the Hitler comparison is doing it just to shut down discussion?)

    I guess I should thank you for the “heads up” but it still makes me want to weep. I consider myself a Christian and I don’t have issues about accepting that evolution was how stuff got here. But I’ve been called an atheist (to my face) and other ugly things by students who want to keep their minds closed, or who are afraid of anything that contradicts their current belief system.


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