Flagging enthusiam in Colorado

One wishes this were a Dave Barry column, but of course, it’s not.  It’s a report from Denver’s Channel 7 news, the ABC affiliate.

A middle school teacher in Lakewood, Colorado, has been suspended for hanging flags in the world geography room.  They were the flags of Mexico and China. 

No kidding.  Colorado has a law against “permanent” display of foreign flags.  I write it off to mass Dobson disease.

“Under state law, foreign flags can only be in the classroom because it’s tied to the curriculum. And the principal looked at the curriculum, talked to the teacher, and found that there was really no curriculum coming up in the next few weeks that supported those flags being in the classroom,” said Jeffco Public Schools spokeswoman Lynn Setzer.

But Hamlin said although his curriculum may not speak specifically about those flags, they are used as reference tools for world geography.

“It’s much along the lines of a science teacher who puts up a map of the solar system. They may not spend every day and every lesson talking about Mars, but they want the students to see that and to see the patterns of the planets and the order, and the students will observe that and absorb that learning visually,” Hamlin said.

It’s a silly law, unjustly applied in this case.  Pray for sanity to come back to Colorado.

(Tip o’ the backscrub brush to Flashpoint.)

2 Responses to Flagging enthusiam in Colorado

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  2. Dan says:

    What’s the big flipping deal about displaying a foreign flag in the first place? What could possibly be offensive or objectionable about it? How does denying the very existence of other nations make America better? Is it an “out of sight, out of mind” ostrich-head-in-the-sand kind of thing, or is it just unvarnished jingoism? I honestly don’t get it.

    And we have the nerve to sit around and wonder why the rest of the world hates us.


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