More on lack of integrity in creationism

Still buried in work, I have a couple of items that really should get note.

First up is a new eruption of creationist propaganda, attempting to cast recent research findings as some sort of challenge to evolution theory. Dr. P. Z. Myers at Pharyngula has the essential comments so far.

That was quick! Now, can I find time to talk about Texas textbooks, too?

Update, September 29, 2006:  Carl Zimmer notes that the research the creationists complain about, rather than demonstrating a problem with evolution theory, demonstrate the ways in which evolution theory guides researchers.  Zimmer’s posts at The Loom frequently dazzle — he’s an understated, extremely accurate writer whom you may recognize from his articles in the New York Times’ weekly science section (on Tuesdays).


One Response to More on lack of integrity in creationism

  1. DavidD says:

    So were you lying to us then or are you lying to us now? I know I would restrain myself if a journalist or attorney asked me that, but I also know I would feel like punching that person in the nose. I would know that they know that it didn’t have to be a lie either time, but rather an understandable change in a story. A better man than me might just give the reason, but when I hear such aggressiveness simply to make me look bad, I want to fight, too.

    That’s what this creationist criticism is, that if evolution was so well understood 30 years ago, it must be a lie either then or a lie now to say the details of human evolution are becoming clearer through molecular genetics. Of course, creationists deny any meaning to molecular genetics anyway, saying that God purposefully used slightly differing codes in species after species. But it’s the insulting way they go about making that argument that can be infuriating.


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