Private schools are a waste of money?

I’m pondering this interesting blog, with this provocative post: Stumbling and Mumbling.

Are private schools a waste of money?

2 Responses to Private schools are a waste of money?

  1. Andy Wilmot says:

    Are Private Schools a waste of money ? Yes they are ! My parents wasted a fortune sending me to Ballarat Grammar School . Bombed out and went straight on the dole , schools only serve two purposes : 1 Obedience training and 2 Measuring children for entrance into univirsity ……….. Wouldn’t it have been good if I drowned or got hit by a car at three years of age . I am a first class failure my parents and Ballarat Grammar School are to blame .


  2. Matt says:

    Statistically speaking? It seems to work in cycles, if you go via student end of school results. Some years public schools seems to do just fine, while some years private schools produce better results. So is there a quantifiable advantage, academically speaking, to sending a child to a private school? Studies are still out on that one.

    Yet academic results should only be one factor in choice of school. Other factors, such as social life, need also to be taken into consideration.


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