Condemned to repeat history

There is a moral in this story. On Thursday, October 26, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald faced a woman proposed as an expert witness in the defense of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney accused of obstruction of justice.

The woman forgot history. Literally. She could not recall exactly what she had written in the past, and in a dramatic confrontation, she appeared to have forgotten that she had been cross examined by Mr. Fitzgerald in a trial before. Details from the Washington Post. How does her credibility stack up for the judge, do you think?

There were several moments when Loftus was completely caught off guard by Fitzgerald, creating some very awkward silences in the courtroom.

One of those moments came when Loftus insisted that she had never met Fitzgerald. He then reminded her that he had cross-examined her before, when she was an expert defense witness and he was a prosecutor in the U.S. attorney’s office in New York.

Libby’s defense team declined to comment.

Santayana’s ghost isn’t exactly smiling, but did take note.


2 Responses to Condemned to repeat history

  1. happy joe joe says:

    I think her forgetting who the guy was is because of all the acid that she took before the meeting man she was tripping


  2. Saw this on another blog & was too lazy to comment; feeling more garrulous tonight; so,

    Her failure to remember some things will discredit her testimony on the unreliability of memory? Odd.

    Maybe the problem is that the report we have here is by one of those fabulous Washinton Post folk. DeLong may be right about its life expectancy.


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