Memories of a one-room school

Not just one room, but one room populated mainly by one family and cousins. Dying Man’s Journal has some reflections on a Canadian one-room school.

Some of my students could use such a school. It would be very good for them.

I am reminded that we learn so much  more than just the subjects taught, while we are in school.  A good school provides an education for life.

2 Responses to Memories of a one-room school

  1. Paul Cameron says:

    Please contact me if you have any information, photos, or stories from people who attended one-room schools during the 19th or 20th centuries.


  2. Paul Cameron says:

    I’m doing research on one-room schools in America. I am collecting stories from people who actually attended one-room country schools. I would appreciate any information shared on this web site regarding one-room schools. Thank you.


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