Interactive disaster maps for geography

Would tracking disasters add more than a little interest to your geography units?

Cliotech, a blog by a Pennsylvania social studies teacher, gives pointers to Alertmap, a group based in Budapest (hey, that’s a geography lesson right there!). Alertmap charts disasters — fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. — and what student is not interested in disaster?

Be careful not to unnecessarily scare students — but do point out that the world is full of danger, and natural and man-made disasters continue to plague mankind the world over.

2 Responses to Interactive disaster maps for geography

  1. Joey Allen says:

    Sorry Ed

    After reading the article more carefully…you are essentially right. There is no stating exactly which Emily West was actually the Yellow Rose. My contention is she could very well have been the Vice President’s wife Emily West De Zavala. Many Texas Historians claim she was Emily West Morgan. Mr. Morgan and Lorenzo De Zavala were friends and business partners. In other words Emily West and Emily West were close to Morgan.
    Please read my article: “Texas History Update: The Strange Case of The Yellow Rose of Texas”


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