WordPress’s counter claims this blog hits 100,000 views on April 17. This is more ambitious counting than Sitemeter or Truth Laid Bear. Who knows for sure?

The two biggest days of views both occurred after mentions at Pharyngula. For the past month or so we’ve been averaging more than 500 views daily, including weekends.

If you’re one of those faithful viewers, thanks. I hope you’ve found something of value. And, would it kill you to comment more?

$100,000 gold certificate, with Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson’s portrait adorns the obverse of the $100,000 gold certificate. Photo from Answers.com

One Response to 100,000

  1. Congrats!

    If someone clicks on a link and then clicks back that counts as 2, or 3 of the link is something that is also in your site. :)


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