Bluegrass good news: John Starling is back

Not only is John Starling back, he’s got his old colleagues from the original Seldom Scene with him, Mike Auldridge and Tom Gray (Ben Eldridge continues to hold down the fort with the new casts of players in the Scene).

John Starling and Carolina Star have a new CD out, “Slidin’ Home.John Starling and Carolina Star, Slidin' Home (cover)

The seeds for this reunion were planted in 2005 at a benefit concert for Eddie Adcock in Washington D.C. “I knew they (Auldridge and Gray) were going to be there, and I called Ben, and he came, and Larry Stephenson was there,” Starling recalls. “We just went up there, Larry sang tenor and the other four of us were original members of Seldom Scene, just went up and did a show. We worked it up backstage, and next thing you know, we had so much fun, we decided to do another couple of shows.”

With encouragement from Massenburg and an attentive audience base, Starling, Auldridge and Gray decided to go into the studio and record a few songs to see how things went. “We liked it and decided to come back to Washington and put together a group that would go out and play it and decided to take a couple of Beltway bandits, Jimmy Gaudreau and Richie Simpkins, who also live in the Washington area and went back and finished the album with that group,” he says.

Rebel Records has a setup to allow listening to the album, at Rebel Records’ site.

One Response to Bluegrass good news: John Starling is back

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Copied this from comments at the “about” page:

    # psp Says:
    May 3rd, 2007 at 10:08 am

    Mr. Ex-Presidend’s Tub, sir,

    Thank you for your kind mention of some great artists, John Starling and Carolina Star. Fans of the artists might be interested in a video interview of Mr. Starling and Emmylou Harris recorded as a companion piece to the new record.


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