Carnival catch up, again

Founders Hall, Girard College, Philadelphia Founders Hall, Girard College, Philadelphia. This is the school for Philadelphia’s underprivileged children, established by the will of Stephen Girard, the man who bore the cost of the War of 1812 personally, when the U.S. Treasury was exhausted.

The Carnival of Education, coming regularly on Wednesdays, reminds us to pay attention to others. Notably, the Carnival of the Liberals, which comes monthly, is also available for our edification.

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Soon enough, a new Fiesta de Tejas!

One Response to Carnival catch up, again

  1. Girard College is a fascinating place. In the first place it is not a college, but covers grades K-12 and is meant as a preparatory school. It also was established for poor WHITE BOYS and wasn’t desegregated until a Supreme Court decision in the late 60s. The first female student didn’t enroll until the 80s and no girl was allowed to enroll in any grade higher than the highest grade a female was enrolled in until the first girl graduated.

    The list of ‘prominent graduates’ includes a lot of (very obscure) baseball players, a couple of architects, and ‘The Professor” from GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.


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