American Civil War in 4 minutes

Citations get lost on the internet. Not only do people send copies of e-mails to everyone on their list, not only is there spam beyond all measure, but good stuff gets stripped of attribution. Someone sends you a good poem, or a genuinely funny story — and if you want more of the same, you’re completely at sea about where to look. Author? That information got stripped away several forwardings earlier.

“Must be Lincoln, Einstein, or Jefferson,” some wag says, and the piece is misattributed ever after.

A fellow posted this interesting film on YouTube — The Civil War in Four Minutes. One second of the film equals one week of the war. It’s a fascinating pictorial map presentation, with a lot of information packed into 240 seconds.

Who did it? Are there others like it? How do we get the rights for classroom use?

YouTube can be likened to grave robbers who invade Egyptian royal tombs — they bring important material to light, but the context is lost, and perhaps the meaning.

Can you help track down the creator of this film? This film was created for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. (Now — how can we get legal copies?)

Update, June 15, 2007: Every YouTube version of the video has been pulled — probably a copyright thing. In the interim, I’ve checked with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to see if it is available. One person said there is discussion for making it available in the next two years. Ain’t that the way? Why not strike while the iron is hot and sell it now? Somebody, please wake me if it’s ever released.

Update, October 4, 2007: ABLPLM explains the creation of the movie. Nice shot of the screen, still not available for classrooms. Alas.

Update December 20, 2007: If that one doesn’t work, try this one for a while:

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

5 Responses to American Civil War in 4 minutes

  1. Legal Articles…

    […]American Civil War in 4 minutes « Millard Fillmore's Bathtub[…]…


  2. Paula Shotwell says:

    The Civil War in Four Minutes is now available on DVD for $12.99. You can purchase it at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL or online at the museum store.

    Even though I live in Springfield, I have purchased it to use it in the classroom to teach the Anaconda Plan and as a research starting point. However, it does not have the emotional impact on the small screen that it does in the museum itself. This museum is still a must-see for history lovers.


  3. Marie says:

    The film is now also a part of the temporary exhibition “Maps: Finding Our Place in the World”, which is open at The Field Museum in Chicago until January 27, 2008.


  4. […] We still can’t get legal copies of that brilliant Civil War animation from the Abraham Lincoln…, but we can get crap on television from Ken Ham.  It’s just a matter of time before Ham has a slick DVD promo for his museum, mailed to 40,000 high school biology teachers . . . what’s the hurry, and why are we in this handbasket?  Going where? Explore posts in the same categories: Science and faith, Video and film, Voodoo science, Creationism, Evolution, Cartoons, Museums, Religion […]


  5. Dalls Eller says:

    check here for answers


    The Education Advisory Board of the ALPLM works in conjunction with the Education Department in the development and implementation of educational programming for students and adults. The Board is made up of approximately twenty educators, administrative professionals, museum and library professionals, historians and civic leaders who meet quarterly. The role of the Board is three-fold:

    To act as a sounding board for new ideas and innovative programming; to brainstorm with the Education Department staff and bring creative solutions to the table; to provide a network of support and contacts to the Education Department.

    To actively work with the Education Department in the creation and implementation of programming.

    To provide peer review and constructive criticism of lesson plans, print materials, programs and workshops presented by the Education Department.

    Barbara Lestikow, Chair, Retired Administrator of Springfield School District #186
    Betsy Brown, Lewis School, Carbondale
    Sue Dole, Deputy Superintendent of Springfield Public School District #186
    Tammy Douglass, Teacher, Southeast High School, Springfield, Illinois
    Meghan Roberts, The Skokie School, Winnetka
    Larry Rosenberger, Grant Middle School, Springfield
    Linda Norbut-Suits, Curator, Historic Sites, IHPA
    Thomas Schwartz, Illinois State Historian, Interim Director, ALPLM, IHPA
    Cheryl Schnirring, Collections Manager, ALPL
    Paula Shotwell, Iles Elementary, Springfield
    Steve Welch, Teacher, Glenwood High School, Chatham, Illinois
    Grace Wenz, Retired Administrator for Spfld. School District #186

    Education Department Staff Members

    Erin Bishop, Director of Education, ALPLM
    Randy Wiseman, Elementary Education Coordinator, ALPLM
    Carol Manning, Secondary/Adult Education Coordinator, ALPLM
    Maureen Horstman, Site Interpreter, Children’s Area, ALPLM
    Noreen O’Brien-Davis, Site Interpreter, Children’s Area, ALPLM
    Lee Shafer, Site Interpreter, Children’s Area, ALPLM


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