Encore Quote of the Moment: Sherman, on war

“There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell.” – Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman,

from an address to the graduating class of the Michigan Military Academy, June 19, 1879, known as his “War is hell” speech (Wikipedia entry on Sherman).
(Query: Does anyone have an electronic link to the full text of Sherman’s address that day? Or, do you know where it might be found, even in hard copy?)

David Parker quoted the prayer out of Mark Twain’s disturbing story, “The War Prayer.Go there for a discussion on what Twain meant, and just how much opposed to war he was.

For a deeper context, and a Jeff Danziger cartoon that will make you stand up and think, see the original post of this quote.

2 Responses to Encore Quote of the Moment: Sherman, on war

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  2. bernarda says:

    Here is a dramatic reading of “War Prayer” which was linked on Daily Kos.


    Here is a video of several Thomas Jefferson comments on religion and xianity. Too bad about the musical accompaniment though.


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