121st Carnival of Education — School’s out, part I

The Education Wonks hosts (host?) the 121sth Carnival of Education — including a nice referral to my post on the voucher wars in Utah.

Franklin HS in Seattle, WA -- Natl Reg of Hist Places

School’s out in much of the nation, and won’t last much longer in the rest (except for full-year schools). It’s a good time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and what to change for next year. I was especially intrigued to learn that Mr. Teacher of Learn Me Good teaches in Dallas — close by, somewhere. One wonders how an alternative certification sneaked through the human resources shredder of the Dallas ISD to get a job, and one hopes it may show a trend; and then one wonders why DISD doesn’t pay more attention to the obvious success of the guy and go back to that alternative certification well. (HR departments in Texas school districts have reputations that they really don’t like alternative certification, even when the teachers work out well; one more indication that we don’t know what the heck we’re doing in education. My experience suggests the reputation is well-earned.) [See comment on alternative certification by Mr. Teacher, below.]

There is much, much more in the carnival. The Carnival of Education is an outstanding example of what blog carnivals can be — useful packages of information, summaries of the field they cover. Spread the word.


3 Responses to 121st Carnival of Education — School’s out, part I

  1. Ed says:

    Hey, you’re not as dumb as I thought! Previous posts would have you in the Union Only, Ed-school-grads-are-smarter-than-Cal-tech-physics-survivors camp.

    When the real world has all the intense change being wrought by cross-discipline types, and the stagnant, “what’s-wrong-with-a-50%-graduation-rate, teamsters-I-mean-teachers-union rules!” crowd steadfastly ignores the statistical evidence that an E-school masters diploma delivers WORSE student performance, why, its tempting to jump on the bandwagon and root against all certification which does not obey Her union-meisters marching orders. Good for you both in applauding alternative certification, though it’s not clear that any types of certification is what’s really needed here.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Ooops. Assumption on my part — stupid assumption, obviously. My apologies.

    My concerns remain, however. The bias against alternative certification I have seen tends to be that people who switch careers to teaching can’t do it. Obviously that’s not the case.


  3. Hey there,
    Thanks for the kind words and the link to my site, but what gave you the notion that I went through the alternative certification program? I’m actually NOT an AC. Not that I have anything against ACs, but I went through a full-blown certification program, student taught, etc.
    You’re right about the bias against ACs, though. I’ve definitely seen that as well.


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