Who is reporting from National History Day?

Are you planning to be at the National History Day festivities in Maryland, June 10 through 14?

Did any of your kids put an entry into the National History Day Contest?

It may not be a national spelling bee, but I hope it gets some news coverage. If nothing else, go check out the collections of lesson plans and resources that come out of this competition.

2 Responses to Who is reporting from National History Day?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Good luck!

    And, please report back with results, and anything else you can.

    Or, could you get the girls to write something?


  2. Greg Hoffman says:

    My wife is a teacher at Gibbs High School in St. Pete. Her girls just found out they made it to the finals in D.C. They compete next to last tomorrow. Wish them luck.


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