New assessment tool for teachers: Blowhard

Read about it here; slick as a whistle, if you ask me.


One Response to New assessment tool for teachers: Blowhard

  1. bernarda says:

    You might like this LA Times report on a nondescript teacher.

    “Jim Hosney doesn’t work in show business. He’s not a critic or an emeritus studio head. In one of the sharper ironies of a field often disparaged as mindless and superficial, the most influential Hollywood player you’ve probably never heard of is a 63-year-old English teacher. This month, after a career that has spanned nearly four decades, he’ll be taking early retirement from Santa Monica’s Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, where he has taught high school film studies and literature for 25 years.”,0,1816603.story?coll=la-home-center

    “In 1961, he graduated from George Washington High School with a full scholarship to Occidental College, where he eventually entered a doctoral program in Anglo American literature.

    “I wanted to teach at the college level,” Hosney recalled, “but while I was at graduate school at Oxy, I took a job, like a long-term substitute teacher, at the Westridge School, a girls’ school in Pasadena.”

    Experienced only as a university teaching assistant, Hosney treated the teenage girls as if they were college students. It taught him a lesson.

    “Never underestimate your students,” he says now. “Those kids were great.””


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