Carnival catch-up: Education

Yeah, I’ve ignored a lot of Texas water under the bridge — and that’s just education, not even counting the floods.

School in Sudan, 2002

No, you don’t get the summer off. Too much to do (even if all you plan is to get a hot tub.) But catching up, on-line, is easier than you thought possible.

You can catch up, too, at these sites:

o Latest edition (July 11), #127, at The Education Wonks.

o The Roadtrip Edition, at Education in Texas.

o #126 at NYC Educator.

o #124 at What It’s Like on the Inside. Pay special attention to this post from dy/dan about measuring quality, day by day, at a school. There is a terrific scoreboard shown. If you want quality in education, you need to track it, every day.

There. You’re caught up with education. You’re up with history. Now on to Bad History, Economics, and anything else we can dream up.


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