BBC animation: The Western Front, World War I

Western Front of World War I, from BBC animation

Here’s another map animation from the BBC that helps people visualize the stalemate nature of the Western Front of World War I.

If this animation is available in any form for purchase from the BBC for classroom use, I haven’t found it. I do wish the BBC would do a DVD or CD compilation of these animations and make it available at very low cost to teachers (high costs mean schools buy only one copy, which teachers can’t get a chance to see, and consequently won’t integrate into their lesson plans; paradoxically, a low-priced disk would probably earn BBC more money, and certainly would contribute to much more classroom learning).

This would be a good link for individual study at home on the internet. A great lecture could be built around it, if one has internet access live in the classroom and a way to project it.


One Response to BBC animation: The Western Front, World War I

  1. Ed says:

    And, if I recall correctly, the BBC copyrights are not the normal crown copyright, which is much like the USG’s public domain rule on most government publications.

    What would be nice from our view at is for them to not only release the end products, but open source the code as well. That way, creative developers could build upon already excellent starts.


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