U.S. education: Old dogs, new tricks, no problem

David Parker notes this wonderful event.  It makes me hopeful for the nation, really.

David:  Did you ask the guy if your students can interview him?

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One Response to U.S. education: Old dogs, new tricks, no problem

  1. David Parker says:

    Hey Ed,

    Your posting a few days ago about the 88-year-old Eagle Scout inspired me to post about our recent graduate. Two interesting people and stories!

    I’ve never met Mr. Harris, and he was mobbed after the ceremony by his fellow graduates and others.

    Your question and recent posts about having students to interview local folks reminded me of Caroline Smith, whose father was the subject of my dissertation. She’s buried here in Cartersville GA, and her tombstone gives her birth and death dates. She was born in the summer of 1861 and died in the summer of 1945. Not only a long life– note that she was born as the Civil War began and died as WWII came to a close. Think of all she saw in her life!


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