Harry Potter fan suicide? No, it’s still a hoax

It was a hoax then, two weeks later, it’s still a hoax.

Why doesn’t anybody call this guy on this grotesque disinformation? Hoaxes about suicide are not funny. The post continues to rank in the top 100 posts for WordPress’s 1 million+ blogs, as of August 9.

Do people really prefer a grisly hoax to the truth?

2 Responses to Harry Potter fan suicide? No, it’s still a hoax

  1. tinyfrog says:

    (Don’t know if you’ll remember to read my reply to your table question so here it is. You can go ahead and delete this comment after you read it.)

    There is a way to create tables using HTML. (BTW, the “table” shown above is just a png image that I created on my computer and then uploaded.) To get a “real” table, go to this website:


    And type the example into WordPress. It doesn’t work in the comments, apparently, but I did get the example to show up correctly in the main body of the post.


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