North American wildlife photos: Send yours in!

Elron Steele submitted one of his — I’ll wager several readers here have photos that should be included in the encyclopedic site of photos of North American Wildlife. The project is collecting mammal photos right now (birds, reptiles and invertebrates yet to come?)

Richardson's Ground Squirrel, photo by Elron Steele, all rights reserved

I note the project has only one not-very-clear photo of a tassel-eared squirrel, and I know there are at least two species of these things ranging through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, and I know there are no fewer than four Boy Scout Camps in those areas — so does some Scout or Scouter have a good shot of one of the tassel-eared guys to include?

So, if you have a good photo, send it along to North American Wildlife, or drop it in an e-mail to the curator of the site.

In my recent excursion into New Mexico, we were south of Raton when I spotted a fine specimen of a pronghorn antelope alongside the road. Within a few minutes we had spotted way over a dozen, and returning along the route a week later we must have seen at least 50 of them, in groups as large as a dozen. While I got no decent photos zipping along at 60 mph, surely someone from one of the mountain states has a very good picture that could be contributed.

And teachers: This is a great source of images for student projects and presentations for biology, environmental science, history and geography.

3 Responses to North American wildlife photos: Send yours in!

  1. Dan says:

    Dont panic! Its war!


  2. Vince says:

    I\’m love this great website. Many thanks guy


  3. John says:

    Thanks for your mention of the North American Wildlife site. You are right in suggesting that coverage will expand – the Reptiles section is now in progress.

    Still haven’t got a better photo of that squirrel, though ;)


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