American flag display: Wall of shame

Somebody had to do it. has a page dedicated to erroneous and disrespectful displays of the U. S. flag — a “what not to do directory.

That site also links to this one.

Please display your flags properly.


Luba’s examples at his blog only make the point sharper.  See especially the cartoon at the top of his post.

3 Responses to American flag display: Wall of shame

  1. luba says:

    The cartoonist you asked about (from the cartoon in my blog) is Clay Bennett of the Christian Science Monitor, a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of my favorites. You can see more of his work on their site here:

    The “flag-protectors'” concern for the flag only seems to pop up when the flag is being desecrated as a political statement that they disagree with; however, if it is for commercial, profitable reasons, they see no harm. Or so it seems…..


  2. Onkel Bob says:

    Just a quibble: a design (stars and stripes) is not a flag. It is one thing to use a flag – the textile item – in some of the disrespectful manners they describe, it’s another to use elements of the design. The best example is the bunting we all see during events.

    The flag pole rule is somewhat incorrect. I have seen poles where the height was progressively higher and that is acceptable. (EU parliament in Brussels has such a configuration.) It’s when the adjacent flags are deliberately not raised to the full height of the pole that etiquette is violated.


  3. luba says:

    Last year an attempt was made to codify the flag rules into law–an anti-flag-desecration amendment. It was only barely defeated. I wrote about it then, with similar nice pictures:
    One of the main offenders was Dear Leader, who likes to sign flags with a Sharpie. Now THIS I would willingly outlaw…….


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