Concise case against Utah voucher proposal

This site has about the most nearly complete, concise case against the Utah school voucher proposal I have found. Is there any chance the voters in Utah still need to be swayed to reason on this issue? Send them to this site, after you have them view the real story about Oreos.


2 Responses to Concise case against Utah voucher proposal

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    If you consider paying taxes “financial coercion,” go somewhere else. Here we regard citizenship as a duty, a noble duty as did the Romans, for one example, and the Greeks. Our nation was founded on the assumption that patriots would do their duty to their nation. If you wish not to, make your case directly with the people.

    You really want to kill public education? Make the case for doing so.

    We have the world’s best system of public education because private education was not fully adequate to meet the needs of our republican government, nor for our economic development. It’s still true.


  2. Israel says:

    The bottom line of this issue is: Should a nation that was founded on the principle of individual liberty, financially coerce parents to send their children to government run schools? I think not.


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