Essay contest: Being an American

I get e-mail, some of it interesting, some of it useful in the classroom.

The Bill of Rights Institute’s essay contest has a deadline just over a month away. Are your students entering?

Here’s the e-mail I got:


It is not too late for you and your students to win over $63,000 in awards by entering the Being an American essay contest.

Assign the essay question to your students today!
They will explore civic values, describe American ideals, and connect with the Constitution. The top winners will attend an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. on April 4-5, 2008!

Contest ends December 3, 2007!
Visit the contest website for more information


2 Responses to Essay contest: Being an American

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    If property not belonging to the land owner was destroyed, the owners of that personal property probably have a cause of action against those who destroyed it. Of course, there may be criminal liability, too — were the acts of destruction reported to the police?

    You need a local attorney. You need a good property attorney. If you cannot afford one, check with the local Legal Services group, and check with the county bar association to see if there is a program to provide pro bono services in civil cases.

    Good luck.


  2. KURT BUCKLER says:

    I have a question maybe someone will answer I know there are many people that can but frequently in goverment i have found most of these people who can seldom take the time to reply, anyways here is a question I have not been given an answer to,
    if a person say as myself and this has happened to me and others living in lathrop ca,who lived in a mobile home park for eleven years some for as many as 40 yrs with a lease then one day a new park owner refuses to give the yearly leases out then the person living in the park finds himself having to evacuate along with the other thirty odd spaces due to an eminant flooding of the park, the postmaster even comes and removes the tenants mail boxes,and then after evacuating the owner locks the tenants out with a large steel container across the entrance,then says we all abandoned our spaces then later say 6 months still has not reopened bulldozez the whole park destroying all the tenants property with out even one single legal document ever being served there out buildings site improvments, boat docks ,and fences and other site improvments that were by park rules requitred by the tenant if to live there as well as paid for by tenant,and after can not get an attorney because none will return the call and or can not afford one because of the goverments invovment because of a large improvment project going on i n the area as well as a plan to get rid of rent control,is it then legal to defend one,s property if it is the goverment that the person finds is denying an american his constitutional rights of the pursuit off happiness and due process,is it not like being invaded by an enemmy force when they ignore the persons rights and enforce illegal act by an armed force wearing uniforms and attacts ones home,does that person have a right to defend himself and his home from an illegal destruction of a persons home and property? i see no difference between what they have done to me an others then if they had been terroist in my eyes they are and now i fear they may even go farther if i dont keep quiet,not that i have been threatened but i have been in the past,


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