Tired of the conservative media bias? Carnival for you

We get fun e-mail; some of you will take great heart:

Carnival of the Liberals #51

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Dear Liberal Carnivalers,

Blue Steel over at Pollyticks.com has your bi-weekly fix of the all that’s good in the liberal blogosphere. As always it’s great to see some new faces amidst all our old friends.

I also wanted to mention that I’ll be headed to DC this weekend. Americans United for Separation of Church and State has invited myself and several other bloggers down to participate in organizing, fund raising and lobbying training, not to mention help AU celebrate it’s 60th anniversary. I’m not sure who all is coming but I’m told that among those attending will be Blue Gal, DCup, Phil Plait, and PZ Myers. Wonder if I can finally convince DCup and Phil to host Carnival of the Liberals? In any event it’ll be great to meet so many of my bloggy friends in real life.

Speaking of carnival hosts… Next bi-week’s edition of Carnival of the Liberals is the very last edition of our 2nd year. Hosting will be BAC from Yikes! who will also be attending AU’s DC blogger meet-up. To commemorate AU’s 60th anniversary we’ll be making this edition dedicated to AU. Carnival of the Liberals 52 is seeking submissions on separation of church and state. As usual we’ll run the ten best submissions (as determined by BAC) but we’ll also be running posts from any of the DC attendees who wish to contribute.

Liberally yours,
— Leo (“tng”) Lincourt

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2 Responses to Tired of the conservative media bias? Carnival for you

  1. bernarda says:

    Maybe you have already noted this, but here is another Carnival of History.



  2. tng says:

    Thanks for helping promote Carnival of the Liberals. Maybe we can get you to host during our 3rd year? ;-)


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