Grateful for heroes

As her physician I would have told her to stay down. As her parent, I don’t know what I would have done. As a bystander, after the fact, I can only admire the courage of this high school cross-country runner (from Fox News in Cleveland):

Claire [Markwardt] made it within forty feet of the finish line when her leg broke. She tried to get up, but it broke again.

“I knew I really couldn’t stay there and I didn’t wanna let my team down and I had gone that far, so there wasn’t really a point in laying there.” she said.

Amazingly, with a leg broken in several places, Claire crawled the rest of the way across the finish line. “It was my last race of my senior year and I didn’t know how my team was doing in the race, but I wanted us to be as high as we could.” she said.

Good write up about it at Education and Technology alerted me to the story. Surprisingly to me, Ray Ebersole writes:

When I was in my 20’s I was reading the print copy of SI, it was the only copy back then, when I read about a female high school track runner who broke her leg 100 yards from the finish of her race. She was the anchor for the 4×400 relay in a state meet and was leading by a lot when she broke her leg. Not wanting to let her teammates down she crawled to the finish line.

That high school girl inspired me to do a lot of things. She showed me what loyalty, courage and guts were all about. I never thought I would see anything like it again in my lifetime, but I see it everyday in the news.

Go see the examples he offers.

And be openly grateful we have such people among us.


One Response to Grateful for heroes

  1. Susana says:

    I think, we will hardly find a girl around us who will do the same. This story struck me. On one hand, this girl is a hero. But on the other hand, she is crazy! Well, maybe such selfless heroes will save our world some day. And one more thing. I wonder, if the team really appreciated the girl’s victim.


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