Administrivia, and an apology

I have crises going on all ends of all candles at the moment.  This is essentially a leisure time activity.  There are lots of good things to talk about, and so little time.

Check out the sites on the blogroll, and check out the carnival buttons (there are lots more carnivals, undoubtedly some good ones I’ve never heard of).

Thank you for reading.  A thousand thank yous for providing comments, especially the really useful ones (you know whose comments those are).

4 Responses to Administrivia, and an apology

  1. Bug Girl says:

    Technorati is still indexing the comment feeds, rather than the actual posts, of wordpress blogs. No word why or when it will be fixed.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Which raises a great question: Are the feeds behaving themselves these days?


  3. mpb says:

    Please don’t apologize and don’t worry about us fans. You have better things to concern yourself about at the moment.We can always pick up where you left off (the miracles of feeds, etc.)


  4. Bug Girl says:

    Well, my comments are out then :D

    Hope things slow down for you soon!


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