Waco Tribune gets it: Science is golden

The Waco Tribune offered its editorial support to science, and evolution theory, today.

Texas education officials should be wary of efforts to insert faith-based religious beliefs into science classrooms.

* * * * *

Neither science nor evolution precludes a belief in God, but religion is not science and should not be taught in science classrooms.

Those are the opening and closing paragraphs. In between, the authors scold the Texas Education Agency for firing its science curriculum director rather than stand up for science, and cautions the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board against approving a course granting graduate degrees in creationism education.

Support for evolution and good science scoreboard so far: Over a hundred Texas biology professors, Texas Citizens for Science, Dallas Morning News, Waco Tribune . . . it’s a cinch more support will come from newspapers and scientists. I wonder whether the local chambers of commerce will catch on?


5 Responses to Waco Tribune gets it: Science is golden

  1. bernarda says:

    TEDblog often has educational material, as you probably know. Here is a post on different webbased educational aids.



  2. bernarda says:

    Here’s a Texas story from a year ago on more book-banning efforts.

    It is laughable about how far these guys will go.


  3. RBH says:

    And that’s right down in Bill Dembski territory. :)


  4. Pam says:

    One thing i think folks forget is that if the government is allowed to tell you to have religion, they can also tell you which religion you must have. I suppose it’s OK if one’s personal religion is the one chosen by the government, but given the amount of poaching, ex-communicating, and general ruckus between even the same grouping of evangelical churches, I still wouldn’t feel secure.


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