85 years old, counting the last days

I’m talking about Yankee Stadium, of course.

Great behind-the-scences, usually-not-seen tour in still photos and narration,from the New York Times, here.

In New York this summer? You rather owe it to your grandchildren to go see the stadium, don’t you?  Note this is the last year for Shea Stadium, too — better plan an extra day on that trip to the home office in Manhattan.

Confession:  I’ve never been inside the stadium.  Once, on a road trip to New York City, visiting a friend, Mark Wade, we parked in the shadow of the stadium.  Oops — somebody didn’t lock one door.  Two days in the City, parked in a tough neighborhood, with a door wide open, nothing happened to the car.  There’s some magic in that ballpark.

Yankee Stadium, from high above home plate

Yankee Stadium from high in back of home plate; photo from MLB Road Trip.com


4 Responses to 85 years old, counting the last days

  1. Don’t listen to Liam. You can’t trust a Mets fan. ;)

    Go Yankees!


  2. Liam says:

    Red Sox management have promised to keep Fenway open at least to 2012 for the centennial. They keep adding improvements to the ballpark each year so I expect they’re committed to keeping it open. I had not heard that the Dodgers were planning to replace Dodger Stadium. The lights at Wrigley don’t bother me much as the 1:20 start is still a tradition there.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    So, Liam, the new Yankee Stadium might be an improvement — if it’s done as well as Baltimore’s new park was?

    And what about Shea? I mean, talk about cookie cutter!

    And, Tiger Stadium is gone. Dodger Stadium is going. Wrigley may be renamed, and has lights — will we need to riot to keep Fenway?


  4. Liam says:

    The last season for Yankee Stadium was 1973. All this hullabaloo is for a 35-year old cookie-cutter style stadium built on the site of the demolished great ballpark of of 1923. I’ve been to Yankee Stadium numerous times and its really not that great compared to places like Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Tiger Stadium, Dodger Stadium or even Shea Stadium. Of course, I’m a Mets fan so I’m biased.


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