Dick Hussein Cheney. John Hussein McCain.

The Dallas Morning News bloggers reported from the Senate District 16 Democratic Convention (held yesterday):

Funniest thing I’ve seen all day:  Obama supporters wearing name tags co-opting Barack Obama’s middle name.

Things like:
“Bob Hussein Smith.”
“Janet Hussein Finklestein.”

Good Times.

Karen Brooks, at Moody Coliseum at Southern Methodist University, the site of the convention.

As blog reports go, the newspaper’s reporters got some snark, but the blog reports are remarkably bare of information.  The stories this morning are a bit better, but missing much.

My reports in a bit — if I can figure out how to download the Pentax photos to this computer.

Clinton’s challenges at our district (Royce West’s Senate District 23) picked up 22 delegates for Clinton.  That’s about 1% of those still standing after 9 hours of credentials wrangling.

Not worth it in District 23.  The Obama people spent the day converting a few Clinton delegates, but mostly making hard plans to dominate the state convention.  It became an 8-hour planning session for Democrats to win Texas, sure, but mainly for Obama to beat Clinton.   This was not from the Obama campaign, mind you, but spontaneous work by mostly first-time delegates.

My recollection is that four years ago we had about 600 people at this convention, and 400 two years ago.  More than 5,000 this year.  An increase of roughly 10 times in participation.

Is John Cornyn scared yet?


7 Responses to Dick Hussein Cheney. John Hussein McCain.

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I have been totally backlogged on other fronts, so I’ve not done what I should have with my photos and notes from the convention, Brooks. Thanks for dropping by to ask.

    News doesn’t get around well at these conventions. Delegates don’t have radios for the most part. News from the podium is incredibly sparse. It would have been useful for delegates to know what was going on in the credentials committee — though I doubt you had much better information most of the time.

    What can you do? Try to figure out how to circulate news to the delegates.

    The other big thing that I wish news organizations would do is spend more time with the candidates who show. They spend a lot of time doing nothing, too — and that would be a good opportunity for reporters to sit with them and get their views on things, for future stories.

    Having been on the reporting side and the delegate side, and the candidate side, at a lot of conventions, I get very frustrated at the low rate of information flow at key times. Not sure of what the solutions are.


  2. Brooks says:

    Thanks for the kudos – there really wasn’t a whole ton of information pouring out these conventions throughout the day. At least at mine, there was a whole lot of sitting around, a whole lot of challenges that at the end of the day meant very, very little. There are only so many of those posts you can do. We posted 99 times that day. Mainly because there was nothing else to DO. :)

    For our future reference, what did you need that you weren’t getting? Glad to take suggestions. As long as you guys are nice. :)


  3. Alden says:

    Out of curiosity I checked out the “miraclesdaily” blog and it failed my primary test, that I apply to all blogs and e-mail forwards: if it uses large print, it’s probably questionable. It also failed the “right religion = right politics” rule.

    Making a big deal out of Obama’s name is sure to backfire, and the temporary adoption of “Hussein” as a middle name is a brilliant idea.


  4. […] the reason I am doing this, I refer you to Ed Darrell’s post. politics obama personalPopularity: unranked [?] SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title: “Mike Hussein […]


  5. tuibguy says:

    I don’t think that the Clinton people will be calling anytime soon, Christian Profit.

    But this is a pretty cool idea, and I will make a tag for the Minnesota Senate District 51 convention coming up next week. Mike Hussein Haubrich.


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    Oh, sure, that’s damaging if you’re not Christian and don’t know the story of how Moses brought the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. Moses and God, the original “liberation theologians.”

    But for Christians, the idea of Christianity being a tool to use to gain liberty — not so shocking.

    Do you think, Christian Prophet, there are that many Americans who do not know the story of Moses?


  7. Christian Prophet says:

    The problem is the news media gave Obama a free ride for so long that the truth is only just beginning to come out about him, and it’s damaging. See:


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