Carnival Catch-up: Personal Finance

Behind on our carnivaling again . . . alas, not because we’ve been soaking in the tub, either.

Texas teachers, take note of the 149th Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by The Happy Rock. If you can’t find material there to bolster your personal finance curriculum, you need a lot more coffee.  Lots of posts on saving and investing and how to make it work on limited budgets, good stuff for the classroom.  Some are rather curious though — this one, from Squawkfox, suggests women should go around virtually naked in a sense, keeping no important documents or items in their purses.  Where should a lady carry her check book, seriously?

Tip of the old scrub brush to Don’t Mess with Taxes


One Response to Carnival Catch-up: Personal Finance

  1. squawkfox says:

    Thank you for the mention. I’m not really sure how a check book keeps you from being “naked” … but I recommend against carrying a check book for security reasons. If your purse and checks are stolen, you may face a identity theft issue and an empty bank account in the morning.

    Checks are dangerous pieces of documentation since they list your name, address, bank account number, bank routing number, and bank name. All of this information is key for thieves to tap into online transfers and electronically move money from your account to theirs. Besides, how often do you need to write a check anyways?


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