Charles Darwin has a blog!

No kidding.  See it here.  High-end hosts, at

I gather they have wi-fi in the cafe at the museum from which he posts.

Charles Darwin in the cafe at the British Museum -- photo from 90% True

Charles Darwin sits congenially in the café of the British Museum.  Does he blog with wi-fi?

In his first post, he complains about the abuse he suffers from Ben Stein’s mockumentary.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Pharyngula.

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3 Responses to Charles Darwin has a blog!

  1. Barry says:

    It’s the Natural History Museum in London


  2. MarcusA says:

    For an Englishman he looks tan. You should have stayed in the tropics, Chuck.


  3. aniche says:

    he’s so looking down that woman’s shirt.


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