Terry Jones and Gordon Brown: One and the same?

Who is this guy?

Gordon Brown, a bit younger

Are you sure it’s not the same as this guy, below?

Terry Jones, from BBC publicity photo

Is it possible that England, who thinks it is being led by a fellow named Gordon Brown, of Tony Blair’s Labour Party, is instead being led by Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame?

Terry Jones, with cocoanut orchestra - Broadway World.com

Are they not the same man? Are you sure?

Have you ever seen director Terry Jones and Prime Minister Gordon Brown photographed together?

Joanne Jacobs was so close to the truth! But she missed it.

It would be so unfair. Britain gets a Python. We get . . . something else.

Update, June 16, 2008: Even better comparison of photos here.  I’m having difficulty reading the caption — monitor resolution problems?  Can you read the post and translate it here?

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5 Responses to Terry Jones and Gordon Brown: One and the same?

  1. Last Hussar says:

    Labour Party – with a U. And it doesn’t belong to Blair.


  2. […] Brown, who looks alarmingly like Monty Python alum Terry Jones, became the fifth British PM to address a joint session of Congress today, continuing his effort to […]


  3. Richard says:

    The only difference I can see is one’s a commedian and the other is a joke.


  4. Matt says:

    Gordon Brown needs to talk about spam a lot more.


  5. aniche says:

    wow!!! that is uncanny!!


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