Snap Shots gone; got a problem with that?

Over the past year three or four people have complained about Snap Shots.  No one said they like them.

They finally got to me.  I turned ’em off.

If you have an opinion about that, put it in comments.

Don’t know what Snap Shots are?  Ignore this post.

3 Responses to Snap Shots gone; got a problem with that?

  1. HannahJ says:

    Many thanks! They made browsing almost unbearable, especially given my current slow computer. May their grave be undisturbed.


  2. Fred Brehm says:

    Thank you. I read your site in an RSS reader instead of a browser to avoid those annoying little windows. Now I’ll probably click on he links in the RSS reader to bring up the web page.


  3. jd2718 says:

    Actually, I was going to say something.

    Thank you.


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