Proof Bush has America backwards

Photographic proof that George Bush has America backwards. (Avert your Cub Scout’s eyes — he shouldn’t see his president doing that to the U.S. flag. Your Cub Scout knows that the union should always be displayed to its own right — to Bush’s right, the opposite of how he’s holding it here.)

President Bush displays U.S. flag backwards, at Beijing Olympics.  Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

President Bush displays U.S. flag backwards, at Beijing Olympics. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Worse, there’s more:

But, by God! He’s wearing his lapel pin! Wearing the pin makes one immune to the rules of respectful flag display, one would assume, from the complaints of Sen. Barack Obama’s not wearing the lapel pin, and the remarkable silence from those same people about Bush’s many insults to the flag.

George Bush makes the case: We don’t need a Constitutional Amendment to make flag desecration illegal. We need Americans who pay attention to flag etiquette, instead.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Larry Perez, and to BuzzFlash, “The Diplomatic Decathlon: Bush’s Marathon of Olympic Blunders”

8 Responses to Proof Bush has America backwards

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  2. mpb says:

    That’s Nancy? wasn’t she the news reporter (no, I’m not thinking of fed reserve board)


  3. mpb says:

    Maybe the flag is displayed correctly– to whom else but to the leader of the free world?


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    It’s a very elderly Henry Kissinger, with his wife Nancy to his left. China rather reveres Kissinger as the guy who opened the doors between China and the U.S., between China and the west — obviously to the great benefit of China by now. They invited Kissinger to come see the games.

    That Ben Stein looks like an 81-year-old man says a lot about the toll his lobotomy had on Stein, no?


  5. Zach says:

    Is that Henry Kissinger in front of Laura Bush? Or Ben Stein with a really bad hangover?


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    For military, the flag is displayed on their right shoulder. The desire was that the flag should look as if it is waving — if they wore an actual flag on their shoulder, it would wave with the field to their chest, and the stripes to their back.

    Similarly, the flags painted on airliners are opposite on opposite sides — on the right side, the flag is displayed backwards.

    Special dispensation for the military to do that.


  7. Geolub says:


    I have noticed recenty that members of the US armed services display the flag on their shoulder with the field of stars on the right. What is the reason for this? Certainly not a breach of etiquette. Is it in the case of an untimely demise? Reasoning that the flag will be displayed with the field of stars on the left if the deceased soldier is on their back.


  8. Tim Weaver says:

    Both Mccain and Obama have their flaws, but I’m so eagerly awaiting having a President who actually WANTS to be President again, is interested in his job, and knows something outside of alcoholism and football.


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