Crankin the geology stupid past 11 . . .

It’s gotta be a virus, and pray to God it isn’t contagious.

Jennifer Marohasy made jaws drop with a stunningly under-informed claim about energy equilibrium and light bulbs, confusing watts as a measure of heat, getting thermodynamics wrong, and generally acting as if her wits temporarily headed to the beach.

And then she came right back with this one [moved to here]:

I have become curious about something. The core of the Earth is alleged to be molten. It’s also a fact that the deeper you dig into the Earth, the warmer it gets. Where is that heat coming from… surely not from the Sun. What’s the possibility that the Earth generates some of it’s own heat from geothermal processes?

The possibility is 100%. Ernest Rutherford had the goods on the issue just after the turn of the 19th to the 20th centuries. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1908 for his work on radioactivity, which included calculations on how the planet Earth is heated from within. Some sources say Rutherford identified planetary heating as early as 1896.

Ernest Rutherford, Nobel Foundation photo

Ernest Rutherford, Nobel Foundation photo

Marohasy lives in Australia — is Google disabled for that continent or something?

These are the people who lead the charge for climate change skeptics? Anthony Watts, where are you?

This is a preview of the sort of ignorance that will elbow its way into Texas science if the State Board of Education succeeds in dumbing down Texas science classes, pulling down the intelligence quotient with creationism.

“Alleged to be molten.”

And water is alleged to be wet.


7 Responses to Crankin the geology stupid past 11 . . .

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  2. It proves that people who misuse apostrophes are likely to be unsound on other points as well. Well, no, it doesn’t actually prove that, but it plays into my prejudices on the subject,and that’s good enough, right?


  3. Bug Girl says:

    wanna bet she doesn’t understand plate tectonics, either?
    I was astounded when I taught in Texas how many students had never heard of it……


  4. Bernard J. says:

    Marohasy is claiming Socratic irony now:

    If this dodge were actually true, I would expect her to forthwith cease and desist from maintaining her Politics and Science blog, as just about every thread on it that she has ever initiated follows the same pattern.

    Who’d have thought it – all along, Jennifer was a closet AGW proponent…

    Either that, or she realises that she has FUBARed bi-time, and hopes that by appealing to the dodge of Socratic irony she can escape with her reputation ‘intact’.


  5. Nathan says:

    I am ashamed that she is Australian. Luckily very few people actually believe her and Australian science is actually pretty strong (see Gardasil and the wireless network the CSIRO developed).
    Gummo, that is not a defence for her. She should parse material for stupidity first.


  6. Steve Bloom says:

    That being her constant dodge.


  7. Gummo Trotsky says:

    FTR, neither claim originated with Marohasy; she was passing on information and opinion received.


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