The energy policy speech the candidates should give

It emphasizes conservation and development of alternatives, but conservation mostly.  Conservation has already been tried and shown to work.

The crises in Iran and Afghanistan have dramatized a very important lesson: Our excessive dependence on foreign oil is a clear and present danger to our Nation’s security. The need has never been more urgent. At long last, we must have a clear, comprehensive energy policy for the United States.

Sounds like this guy has the proper perspective.  Who advocates a policy designed to keep us from war in the ‘Stans and the Middle East?

Jimmy Carter.  In 1980.  In his State of the Union speech.

Check it out at Patriots and Peoples. Carter’s policy is compared to McCain’s, and Obama’s.

And then consider the price of lost opportunities, and whether we can ever learn enough to avoid the punishing sword of Santayana’s Ghost, when we don’t learn from history.

3 Responses to The energy policy speech the candidates should give

  1. Thanks for the notice. I enjoy reading your blog, but have been a bit busy of late so I’m not reading all that I ought and want.


  2. mpb says:

    Mike, my Dad was like yours. He even set up a solar hot water system, one of the first in the North Carolina energy co-op.

    The other significant figure on energy and oil then was the Saudi oil minister, ________, (now I can’t remember his name) who very clearly expressed his amazement that anyone would waste petroleum on transportation, heating, and electricity when there were such essentials as medicines based upon petrochemicals. Therefore, conservation and alternative energy was essential.

    There were significant changes brought in by Reagan (regaining of the Nixonians), subtle but profound– e.g., shifting national science laboratories to a business management model. Aside from the diminishing security, safety, and quality, the shift from innovation in long-term national security, i.e., energy was immediate and sharp.

    At UC-LANL, the solar research was abandoned;
    the hot dry-rock project was dumped, except that the Germans and Japanese picked up the funding for this;
    non “mission” work and intellectual capital were de-valued or ridiculed

    Who knew a cardigan (a wool cardie because the oil shortage means even antifreeze must be converted into clothing of polyester) would be such a significant 21st century emblem?


  3. Mike says:

    The sad thing is that Jimmy Carter’s honesty was his undoing. I remember this speech, and I was all signed on to help conserve. Dad liked it because he was always grousing about the power bill and the gas bill, and was happy that his kids were finally joining him in shutting off lights we didn’t need to have on. He liked the economy cars and other moves that the country was making in order to cut our fuel consumption.

    But then, Ronald Reagan came along and told the American Public we no longer needed to sacrifice, He would get us through the malaise and that would get us wealthy and that we could go back to driving big cars again. There would always be plenty of oil, he said and we just needed to set the energy companies free to find it.

    28 years ago, we could have been on the track to avoid the mess we are in now.


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