Ian Hamilton’s blog is back; “Stone of Destiny” is on the screen

We need good news from any quarter:  Ian Hamilton’s blog is back in action.  You remember Hamilton, one of the more recent heroes in the saga of the Stone of Destiny.

Maybe just in time, too.  Charles Martin Smith’s movie of Ian Hamilton’s story, “Stone of Destiny,” is just recently released, with dates booked in the UK and Canada.  You may have to call your local theatre in the U.S. to ask that they book the film.

Poster for Charles Martin Smiths Stone of Destiny, based on Ian Hamiltons story.

Poster for Charles Martin Smith's "Stone of Destiny," based on Ian Hamilton's story.

Hamilton captured the Stone of Destiny, the Stone of Scone, from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day, 1950.  The Stone is the traditional seat of power for the throne of Scotland, and its presence in London was a source of irritation to Scot nationalists.

The Stone of Scone is reputed to be the stone upon which Jacob slept when he dreamed of ladders to heaven (see Genesis 28).

You cannot make this stuff up.  This is great history.



7 Responses to Ian Hamilton’s blog is back; “Stone of Destiny” is on the screen

  1. Ed Darrell says:


    Certainly you can write a comment at Mr. Hamilton’s blog:

    I’ll wager there’s an e-mail for him around there, too.


  2. Carolyn Bybee says:

    I was on an airplane and surprised to see the movie about my cousin. I met Ian when my family visited his famiy in 1960. My mother is Ian’s first cousin. We stayed with Harris and Jean in Pitlochary. Jean is my grandfather’s sister. We visited Ian when he was an advocat and wore a white wig in the courts. We visited also with his wife and children. I am now married to a retired attorney and felt such emotion when I saw the movie. I am 69 and I see that Ian is 83. My mother, Janet robertson died at 85 ten years ago. I might still have the book No Stone Unturned. I will look for it. I would love to communicate with Ian and let him know how much his experience made my family proud since my grandparents lived with me all my life I even gave a report on it in school one year. write to me CT.


  3. craig says:

    So is the real stone still in Scotland? in Edinburg Castle? or was it switched before it was ever stolen from Scotland.?
    Also im lead to believe that an ancient book recording Scottish history is in a French or Italian National Museum? Does anyone know about this?


  4. Movieset says:

    If anyone is interested in viewing some behind the scenes footage with the cast and crew I recommend checking out http://www.movieset.com/the-stone-of-destiny


  5. Sandy Peebles says:

    Would the ‘Abbot’ allow the Stone to fall into the enemies’ hands? I think not. Switch #1. Would those who removed the Stone from Westminster give back the same one ?
    I think not. Switch #2. In the 50 years up to now, does anyone think the Prince of Wales is going to allow that boulder which lies in Edinburgh to be part of his Coronation Ceremony without a lot of examination? I think not. The current ‘Official Replica’ holds no respect in the hearts of Scotland so isn’t time to hear the Scientists’ findings in relation to the approximate age and from which area it was quarried?
    Sir Nigel Tranter described ‘The Stone’ as what registered in my mind, to something like a piano stool , with shaped seat and carved handles and engravings all around. If any man in recent times has seen ‘it’ – he has. I believe him. Do you?


  6. Nestor says:

    “mainly because he loves nothing better than stirring up good patriotic, nationalist spirit in my sister and I!”

    Raising your children to become nationalists is definitely a blindspot Social Services should eventually address.


  7. Catriona Thomson says:

    I have a question. Is it possible to get a copy of the original book ‘No Stone Unturned; The story of the Stone of Destiny’ by Ian Hamilton? I have searched and searched.

    The story of the Stone has always been a popular one in our family, partly because my Dad was at Glasgow University at the time of the event but mainly because he loves nothing better than stirring up good patriotic, nationalist spirit in my sister and I!
    Years ago, my Mum and Dad had a copy of this book signed by the author but unfortunately it was lost after being lent to a friend. This was a real source of regret for my Mum every time the Stone of Destiny was mentioned and although she died a couple of years ago, my dad turns 80 in May 2009 and I would love to replace the copy for him as we have just been to see the new film and been reminded what a marvellous bit of Scottish history the event was.

    I really amn’t sure if this is the right place to post this question, but here’s hoping!

    Thanks, CT


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