Hope for the future: Great student blogs

P. Z. Myers asks that we go vote for Brian Switek, a student at Rutgers who blogs at Laelaps.  The winner of this vote gets $10,000 in scholarship money.  I’m sure all of these students deserve it.

And so, I’ll encourage you to take a look at Brian’s generally outstanding and always interesting blog, and then go look at the other candidates, and vote.

Best thing:  You can look at all the other blogs.  Some of them are very, very good, and they cover a wide range of issues.  Economics.  Vole research (the pictures of the shrews and moles are darling, really).  Politics.  Islamic politics.  More stuff.

These are the youngsters, the up and comers.



One Response to Hope for the future: Great student blogs

  1. DNLee says:

    thanks for sharing on my page. I really enjoyed your comments and a nice history lesson. but a later commenter says that the Osage organge really is native, but French explorers confused it with a tree they were familiar with. From my research, I a sure that the Osage Orange is native.

    Thanks again for visiting and I just want you and your readers to know that I too am competiting for this scholarship. I think Brian and I are the only science bloggers in the mix.



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