Duncanville kids at the inauguration

At least two kids from Duncanville were at the inauguration in official capacities today.  We’re hoping to hear from them.  (Send the blog some photos, Michael!)

Michael Rivera, doing graduate journalism studies at Western Kentucky University, got press  credentials to cover the events as a photographer.  The Riveras live across the street from us, and Michael and his older brother Jonathan dropped in over the Christmas holidays to let us marvel at how tall and handsome they’ve grown.

Daniel Brady is the bass trombone player with the U.S. Marine Band.  He graduated with our older son, Kenny, and played in the trombone section with our younger son, James.  We saw him 11 months ago as he sat in at a Dallas Symphony rehearsal, but he was pretty busy over the holidays, out of Texas I hear.  Some time in the past year he answered the call for a national audition for the Marine Band, and he won the slot.  The big question now is how he finishes his degree, I suppose.

Brady is famous among Duncanville’s champion, all-star trombones (and there are a goodly number of them) for sneaking away to get a job for a summer to buy a good bass trombone.  The day after he got enough to purchase the horn, he quit the job.  To the surprise of his parents, and to the grinning chagrin of the band directors who had hoped he’d stick it out as first chair tenor trombone, he insisted on playing the lower-pitched one.  Judging by his success, he made the right choice.

Michael took up photography early in high school, and shot thousands of pictures before he graduated.  He’s stuck with it through undergrad, and now seems to be well on his way at one of the nation’s better journalism schools.  I haven’t had the heart to tell him it pays so little, monetarily.  It’s a great job, other than the pay.

An inauguration is a good event to see, I suppose, though I walked out of the only one I ever attended.  Another story for another time.

Good luck, Brady.  Good luck, Michael.  Let us know what you saw and heard, will you?


3 Responses to Duncanville kids at the inauguration

  1. Kathryn says:

    Daniel is not actually THE bass trombone player, but one of two. The other bass trombonist has been in the band since 2000 and graduated from BYU.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    There are other details I’ve probably got wrong, too — and a few I’ve left out. Those of you who know should write it down, eh?

    Any chance we can get photos from either of them?


  3. Kenny says:

    Actually, when he showed up with that horn he wasn’t first chair. He really picked up the practice habits after he got the horn I’m pretty sure.


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