Still not Bobby Jindal

Did you listen to the Republican response to President Obama’s speech last night?

Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal delivered the response — and “delivered” is a pretty good description of the style of the thing.  My wife and I had sarcastically predicted the Republicans would call for taxcuts as a cure for everything, from broken legs to global warming — and Jindal did just that.

Is Bobby Jindal running for president?  Then, just as he was not the guy the Republicans should have picked for vice president in 2008, he’s not the guy for 2012, or 2016, or any other time.  I was right the first time:  “Not Bobby Jindal:  The parable of the idiot candidate.”

It’s still not Bobby Jindal.  Nor was it, nor is it, Sarah Palin.  Will Republicans figure that out?

(Yeah, he’s a Rhodes Scholar.  He’s also a creationist.  Sometime between getting selected for Oxford and running for governor he appears to have volunteered for a lobotomy.  We don’t know yet the extent of the impairment to his judgment, but it probably isn’t limited to science, and even if it were, that’s enough to disqualify him.)

5 Responses to Still not Bobby Jindal

  1. Ray says:

    Nasty cynics are the best kind.


  2. Richard T says:

    Nasty cycnics like me would link any possible flexibility in his beliefs to the prospects of election in Louisiana.


  3. mark says:

    I suspect he has not had a lobotomy. Rather, I think his signing the Creationist bill despite studying biology was due to a basic dishonesty that manifests itself in the form of pandering.


  4. blueollie says:

    I have to disagree. I would love a Jindal-Palin ticket (either order). I’d LOVE a Jindal-Palin ticket!



  5. Dan says:

    Oooooh, scathing. I like. :-)


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