Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee, Michael Hinojosa, Arne Duncan: Are you listening?

NYC Educator spells out the difficulties.  It’s not the teachers’ fault when the major systems needed to run a school don’t work — like the lights, heat, phones, furniture, plumbing, etc.

But these guys who tell us the teachers need to be fired — do you think they ever feel the pain?

When was the last time one of these school superintendents had to run a copy machine, let alone repair it before it would run, or bring their own paper to have something to make copies on?

We’re coming up on National Poetry Month; I’d like to find who was the author of this poem:


It’s not my job to run the train, the whistle I can’t blow.

It’s not for me to say how far the train’s allowed to go.

I’m not allowed to blow off steam, nor even clang the bell.

But let the damn thing jump the tracks, and see who catches hell!

Another version here.

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