More creationist flapdoodlery

Reformed Covenanter is a Rushdooney-loving blogger in Northern Ireland.  Here, in comments he accepts the bizarre story that Darwin was a nasty man, an atheist groomed from birth by his grandfather, Erasmus, to hate the church.

Great trick, or a miracle:  Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus died in 1802Charles Darwin was born seven years later, in 1809.  For people who believe in miracles, this is no problem, I suppose.  But I worry that they attribute such astounding miracles to Darwin.  That departs a bit from Christian theology, it seems to me.

(It’s a classic wingnut site — comments closed, don’t ask, not no way, not no how.)

5 Responses to More creationist flapdoodlery

  1. Dear Sir

    The comment was not made by myself or R.J. Rushdoony, but by someone who left a comment.

    He may have meant that Darwin was groomed by his grandfather’s teaching, but not necessarily in person. Though as I cannot verify this, I will delete the comment.

    Comments are not allowed on my blog anymore for a variety of reasons which I will not presently go into.


  2. Ediacaran says:

    See video of creationist chairman Don McLeroy of the Texas State Board of Education supposedly standing up to experts at,
    in which he says (time mark ~4:21):

    “I disagree with these experts. Somebody’s got to stand up to experts that are just – (exasperated sigh) – I think – I don’t know why they’re doin’ it, they’re wonderful people, buh – the fossil record does do it – why take it out, if evolution is so true and has no weaknesses – I can’t see any reason for put [?] it in there, all it does is give them an extra standard – to argue for it.”

    Creationists on the Texas State Board of Education: as stupid as they want to be.


  3. Ediacaran says:

    Reminds me of the anachronisms of another right-wing wingnut:

    “Darwin’s critics are likewise highly qualified; they include the founder of the fields of paleontology and comparative anatomy-Cuvier and modern taxonomy-Linnaeus.” – Don McLeroy, current Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education, attacking Charles Darwin’s concept of common descent, at

    McLeroy is engaging in some historical revisionism. Here’s some info he seems to have overlooked:
    Carolus Linnaeus (born May 23 [O.S. May 13] 1707 – died January 10, 1778)
    Georges Cuvier (born August 23, 1769 – died May 13, 1832)
    Charles Darwin (born 12 February 1809 – died 19 April 1882)

    McLeroy must believe that someone had a seance with Linnaeus for the taxonomist to have been a critic of Charles Darwin, given that Linnaeus died before Charles Darwin was born.

    While Cuvier’s latter life overlapped with Darwin’s early life, Cuvier died a few years before Darwin had his insight about common descent, and long before Darwin published his first peer-reviewed paper on evolution, followed by his book On the Origin of Species dealing with evolution (and his later Descent of Man).

    But of course, anyone who opposes McLeroy is apparently being “elitist” and an “expert”. As McLeroy pointed out at a meeting of the Texas State Board of Education, “Somebody has got to stand up to these experts.”


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    What a great idea! But as I note, this is a classic wingnut site. Comments are not allowed. The author will brook no corrections of any sort — not even compliments. Most posts won’t even allow pings.

    Dr. Ritchie would be welcomed here to defend the flapdoodlery. I suspect he’s pretty busy issuing instructions to God about how God should read the Bible. I don’t expect to see his remarks here.


  5. Thaddeus Dombrowski says:

    You should post this as a comment on his blog.


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