Crazies drop into the Bathtub, but not like this

Seriously.  Ed Brayton gets some serious crazy folk.  I won’t mention their names, but even GB and NS aren’t quite that crazy.  I hope.

Obama as a Marxist Muslim?  Wow.

2 Responses to Crazies drop into the Bathtub, but not like this

  1. Nick Kelsier says:

    Oh look, Para blithely ignores the fact that the bailouts of businesses by government..meaning the “nationalization” started under…wait for it…George W. Bush.

    And I would suggest, Para, that since you have a asinine definition of the word “socialist” and “Marxist” that you be wary of letting your tongue wag too far before you get labeled fascist.

    Because if you think that what did happen in Zimbabwe could happen are out of your god damn paranoid little mind.


  2. paralegalnm says:

    Fact: 2007-2008, Barack Hussein Obama spent over $1 million supporting his Marxist-Muslim Luo tribe ‘cousin,’ Raila Odinga, in his run for the Kenyan presidency. (See TIME Magazine and Dr. Jerome Corsi’s ‘ObamaNation.’)

    Obama was faithfully following in the footsteps of his Harvard-trained Marxist father who had supported Raila’s father. Obama, Sr. recommended the Kenyan government control 100% of production, distributing ‘income’ as the government saw fit.

    Obama is working hard to resurrect his father’s disasterous economic policies here in the U.S., putting us in jeopardy of, as Gov. Mark Sanford, MBA warned, a Zimbabwean hyper-inflationary economy.


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