Vintage film on Japanese internment during World War II

“A Challenge to Democracy,” by the War Relocation Board.  This film defends the relocation of 100,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

“These people are not under suspicion,” the narrator says.  “They are not prisoners, they are not internees.  They are merely dislocated people, the unwounded casualties of war.”

According to the Internet Archive, the film is a 1944 production.  That site has the film available for download in several formats.  The film is collected in the Prelinger Archives.  On my computer, some of the Internet Archive versions offer  better quality than the Google Video version above.

I originally found the film at a school site in Washington, Mr. Talmadge’s Wikispace site, apparently for his classes in the history of the State of Washington.  That site has a very useful series of links to good sites on the internet for information about the Japanese internment.  There are several other topics noted there, too, including the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Whitman Massacre in Oregon, and the Nez Perce Retreat.  I’d love to see Mr. Talmadge’s plan for the year.

What do your students do to display their work on the internet?

5 Responses to Vintage film on Japanese internment during World War II

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  2. chelsea says:

    that is not true because I did a personal interview with one of the survivors and he said that you just took them away because they were relative to japanese ancestry.


  3. Margaret says:

    Picky, picky I know — but the Whitman Massacre in 1847 was in the Oregon Country, what is now Washington state near Walla Walla.

    I was born in the next county almost a 100 years later. We never studied the Massacre much in school, it was more of an odd curiosity. All kinds of local stories as to the cause, very few of them had any good spin for the Whitmans. Measles in a glass jar was probably an urban legend, but it was often repeated.


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