The truth about Judge Sotomayor

Nina Totenberg of NPR wins great respect as a reporter on the Supreme Court for a reason:  She’s a great reporter.

Totenberg on Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s alleged race bias:

As a judge, Sotomayor has ruled in 100 cases that involve questions of racial discrimination of one sort or another. Tom Goldstein, Supreme Court advocate and founder of the leading Supreme Court blog, has read all of those decisions. He says that Sotomayor does not seem to put her thumb on the scale and has in fact, most of the time, ruled against those charging discrimination.

In only 1 of out 8 cases, he says, has she favored in some sense claims of discrimination.

“The fact that she so rarely upholds discrimination claims I think answers the idea that she is always angling for minorities,” he says.

Totenberg on Sotomayor’s statements about judge-made law and policy:

And if the New Haven case is a harbinger in one direction, there are other cases that point the other way too. Sotomayor, for example, dissented when her colleagues allowed the New York City Police Department to fire one of its officers for sending hate mail on his own time. While the hate mail was patently offensive, hateful and insulting, Sotomayor wrote, it did not interfere with the operations of the police department, and, she observed, under our Constitution, even a white bigot has the right to speak his mind.

In another case involving a black couple bumped from an American Airlines international flight, Sotomayor said their race discrimination claim was clearly trumped by an international treaty governing airline rules. It matters not, she said, that her ruling might mean airlines could discriminate on a wholesale basis and that there would be no legal recourse. The treaty’s language is clear and it is not for the courts to make policy, she said, adding that if policy is to be changed, Congress or federal agencies must do it.

White bigots ought to study more and flap less.

5 Responses to The truth about Judge Sotomayor

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    The people who want a thorough, objective airing of Judge Sotomayor’s record are, almost to a person, known as “Democrats.”

    The bigots are those asking for delay.

    She’s already been approved by Republicans, twice — once nominated by Republicans, once when the Republicans held the Senate. Why not once for the Democrats?

    How did the Republicans screw it up last time that they need to change things this time, Inspector?


  2. Nick Kelsier says:

    Since the Republicans don’t want a thorough or objective hearing at all you’re complaining about what exactly, Sanity Inspector?

    Does waiting until 2011 to have the confirmation hearings really sound like objective to you?


  3. So people who want a thorough, objective airing of Judge Sotomayor’s record are “white bigots”, then…?


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    For Bork the Democrats read about 100 cases a day. There’s a story there, but maybe for later telling.

    Fact is that there is no reason the Republicans shouldn’t be happy with Sotomayor. They hope that, with enough time, they might invent a reason.

    Watch Orrin Hatch. He will get a twinge of conscience here about July 15, and he will not support serious opposition to her nomination, I predict. From that point on, there will be complaints, but she should be confirmed close to the First Monday in October. I predict.


  5. Nick Kelsier says:

    You hear when the Republicans say they’ll be ready to confirm her or not? 2011. They say because she has more than 3000 cases which she’s decided on they’ll need extra time to go through them all. And they’re saying it’s unfair of the Democrats to demand that they read through this cases at a faster face then they did for Roberts. They say they can only read 6 cases a day.


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