Pritchett confesses scare tactics, shows lunacy

I sent my response to Lou Pritchett[Free Republic folks:  Be sure to read that response to Pritchett.  A typical corporate people-hating hack — if you think he sympathizes with you, you’re more than a few flakes shy of a full box of Ivory] He responded in e-mail:

Since my ‘you scare me’  letter got your shorts in such a knot I hope the following two will increase  the discomfort. Lou Pritchett


Farewell America–We’ll  really miss you!

Farewell to  the America we have loved for two centuries and hello to a new far-left driven president who promised change and will most likely deliver on it,

Farewell, to an  America  driven by individuals with strong work ethics to one which will resemble French, German, and British societies where big government, big welfare, union controlled labor,  four  day work weeks, ten  week vacations are the rule. Societies which constantly ask  “—where’s mine?”

Farewell to capitalism, job creation, lower taxes, smaller government, fewer entitlements, safer cities, personal responsibility  and sound work ethics.

Farewell to adequate military defense spending to protect us from our enemies who wish and plan  to kill us.

Farewell to  close ties with our  best and  only friend in the middle east—Israel.

Farewell to maintaining a conservative Supreme Court.

Farewell to any chance of keeping Health Care out of the hands and control  of   government.

Farewell to the famous American standard of living–a magnet to the world.

Farewell to conservative ‘talk radio’  as an antidote to the biased media. The Fairness Doctrine will return.

Farewell to any hope for educating our college kids in something other than liberal mush.

Today is truly a sad day for millions of Americans as they slowly  allow the election results to sink in. Today, for the first time in modern history,  America took a giant  step toward changing not only  the direction,  but the entire  character of the country from  free enterprise driven  to  big  government driven.

Our only hope is to start now planning and building a strong conservative base which can  reclaim the Presidency and Congress in four years and start repairing the damage. God help us if we fail.  Lou Pritchett  (


Take heart America!   In only six months President Obama  has finally awakened the ‘600 pound average American gorilla’  by his  “Ready, Fire, Aim”  approach with the auto industry, the unions, the banks,  Guantanamo, health care, czars, credit cards, and energy. His strategy of deliberately overloading the system with program after program designed to both confuse and deceive the public is right out of the anarchist play book and clearly proves how dangerous he, his administration and his  agenda are.  A universal truth states that the best indication of what a man will do in the future is what a man has done in the past. Given this,  another three and a half years of Obama will be totally disastrous, both financially and morally, for this country. Our only hope is to dump the Congressional clowns and elect adults in 2010 in order to stop the bleeding and then to finish the job by sending Obama back to the thing he does best–community organizing—in Chicago in 2012. Failing this, we fail our children and we fail our country. Lou Pritchett

“Anarchist handbook?”  Well, if Lou Pritchett is reading such things, you can bet it’s not because he wants to know what anarchists might do to him.  He’s looking for tactics.

Some of the things he claims he fears now, a rational patriot might hope for.  Talk radio replaced by fair discussion?  Certainly George Washington would have been encouraged by that.

If Pritchett goes on long enough, he starts making Obama look good.  Sunshine does not favor the pathogens.

Voltaire’s prayer still applies; one worries when so many come up looking so foolish, however.

One wishes Pritchett would go back to lecturing businesses on how to partner with Wal-Mart.  The cynic in him appears to have abandoned all hope in any entrepreneurial spirit left in America.  Too bad.

Can somebody get Pritchett a library card?


17 Responses to Pritchett confesses scare tactics, shows lunacy

  1. Lou spouts:
    Farewell to capitalism, job creation, lower taxes, smaller government, fewer entitlements, safer cities, personal responsibility and sound work ethics.

    Farewell to adequate military defense spending to protect us from our enemies who wish and plan to kill us.

    Farewell to close ties with our best and only friend in the middle east—Israel.

    Farewell to maintaining a conservative Supreme Court.

    Farewell to any chance of keeping Health Care out of the hands and control of government.

    Lets see..capitalism is alive and well, job creation is far better then it was under Shrub, we have lower taxes on the middle class and poor, as for smaller government..yeah Obama has increased government spending on a far smaller rate then the last three republican presidents. Crime is down as a general whole so..yeah..safer cities. As for entitlements..yeah you know that word is false. If I pay for something then it’s not an’s what I’ve earned. Meaning that I’ve been paying for such things as social security, medicare and unemployment insurance then I’m not “entitled” to those’s what I’ve earned and bought.

    We’re still close to Israel and Obama has barely touched the military budget. And lets recall he’s the one that ordered and actually accomplished the death of bin Laden. The US SUpreme Court is still conservative.

    And the auto industry is alive and well thanks to Obama. Yes didn’t get your wish of destroying the unions but I really don’t know why you have such a problem with the average workers having a say in their workplace. I would almost think what you really want is a return to serfdom if not outright slavery, Lou.

    As for health care..yeah government isn’t in control of health care even with the ACA passed. What? Did you conveniently forget that the ACA is nearly 100% of what your own party, Lou, proposed 15 years ago? And that another name for it is “Romneycare”?

    Unless of course you’re willing to admit that your own party was proposing government takeover of health care 15 years ago….and that your own party’s Presidential nominee oversaw the state takeover of health care of the state he was governor of….

    So you’re still sitting there being nothing more then a sociopathic liar and a…well…it’s what Bill Murray’s character called the character of Walter Peck in the original Ghostbusters. In other words a ________ wonder.

    Meanwhile you support a party that would take us right back into the great recession by continuing and enlarging the policies that got us into the great recession…that being George W Bush’s.

    You’re only a genius in your own little mind, Lou. It’s time you stop with your egomania because you’re simply not as intelligent and not as truthful as you like to pretend. To be blunt…you have been trying to play a game that you simply are too stupid and too dishonest to win.


  2. Lou, hate to break it to you but it’s you who should be apologizing for being so completely wrong about the President and such a doofus.

    But don’t worry, we won’t be holding our breaths on you managing to prove yourself honest for once.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Genius? Evil genius, perhaps. All of your fears were borne out in the Tea Party, Mr. Pritchett. They were the ones who took us to the brink of bankruptcy, and still threaten to do it again. Your letter was a masterwork in paranoia, if you believe it, or propaganda, if you know better. None of the many inaccuracies in your letter have been borne out.

    Have you found your local library yet? Subscribed to a newspaper? Read a newspaper?

    Can you cite a single statement about Obama you made that has been borne out as accurate?

    Thanks for dropping by. It would be great to hear you defend this piece.


  4. Jim says:

    Hi there, Lou!

    I’d sure love to see what you would write and/or say if we actually had a liberal President. You know…on the order of Dwight Eisenhower or Richard Nixon.

    Go get ’em, skippy.



  5. As of July 2012, it appears that my ‘Scare Me Letter’ now borders on genius. I forgive all of the silly comments so no apologies necessary. However, now that you see Obama for what he really is don’t you sort of feel sorry for hammering old Lou for being right on target three years ago–(:-)


  6. Roselyn says:

    Keep writing, keep presenting researched, credible information, dear sir, to combat the blather. I, for one, appreciate it. Rock on!


  7. Big Steve says:

    It’s been two years since you posted this tripe. Employment is down. Prices are up. Housing is down. Our AAA rating is lost. Obamacare is failing. We have snubbed our allies and embraced our enemies. China scolds us about our spending. Obama has zero experience in business, in goverment, in the military, and it shows. Nothing good has happened under Obama. A lot of bad has occurred. Barack Obama may be best described by his initials: BO. If he wins a second term, it will be BO Plenty.


  8. Nick K says:

    Chuck…quit drinking the conspiracy nutjob kool-aid.


  9. blackthorn says:

    I read Mr. Pritchett’s letter as a forward from my brother, who I love dearly. I am convinced that if one read only Goering and Hitler in the 1930s, you might confortably have joined the disaster that they visited on the world. Pritchett is entitled to his opinion, I would have expected that someone who rose as far as he did in business would have learned to use some research skills. Apparently not. My fear is that people (eg my brother) who are intelligent, successful and generally good souls, read only what supports their distorted opinions. I listen to Limbaugh, watch Beck and O’Reilly only to observe what it is they are presently fomenting. Limbaugh is a clown, who seriously thinks he’s funny. Beck is insane. O’Reilly is an egomanic, sexist. That’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it, Pritchett joins this pantheon of literacy and its followers.


  10. Ed Darrell says:


    Which of your civil liberties have been lost since 1980?  Can you be specific?


  11. Chuck says:

    I fear for my country.
    Our freedoms are diminishing slowly and purposefully. Our loss of civil liberties under both republican and democrat administrations over the last thirty years is astonishing. The Obama administration is simply a continuance of what’s been intentionally happening for hundreds of years.
    They are boiling us slowly. They have stolen our futures through bailouts and handouts.
    Out of these troubled times — a new world order — will emerge. It doesn’t take a genius to see that politics in America is merely a puppet show to keep us from focusing on what is really happening.
    I fear for my country.


  12. Nick Kelsier says:

    Interesting is it not that editorial ignores the fact that it was Bush who started the auto company bailout rolling.

    And as for “czars” gee…quite a few republican Presidents have had plenty of “Czars.”


  13. Don says:

    Pritchett is very intentional here. To dismiss this kind of stuff as idiocy is a big mistake.


  14. All I want to say is that I don’t know who or what to believe these days. I listen to both sides. I do know however, that I put no credence in people who resort to name calling (idiot, stupid, ignorant one, jerk, moron, imbecile) because they are not smart enough to respond without doing so. That makes them what they are calling others.


  15. Mrs Shales says:

    Mr Pritchett is incredibly stupid, a total imbecile, appealing to a group of mean-spirited morons like himself. Poor America, with such jerks living in it.


  16. Mike says:

    He’s an idiot, and an ignorant one at that.


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