No climate change denialists will apply

Australia is looking for a scientist to head up the next round of Australia’s reports to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

But who would want a job that pays nothing and brings a great deal of grief?  Crikey notes that scientists, especially Australian scientists, get slandered and libeled daily by climate change denialists.  Not to mention the death threats.

That fat pay the denialists keep claiming comes to the scientists, and urges them to misreport the data?

The only remuneration IPCC scientists get – as a quick check of last week’s ad would have made clear — is travel costs and living expenses while they are at IPCC meetings.  The IPCC work is on top of their day jobs as academics and researchers.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman:  Climate Denialist Extraordinaire Christopher Monckton profits from his obnoxious and error-filled lectures more than the guys who do the heavy lifting.

You know that denialists won’t apply to do the job.  Most of us suspect they don’t have the courage of their convictions to do it, but there’s another problem:  Very few of them are qualified.  They don’t do science.

Bookmark the story. Remind the denialists of it from time to time.

IPCC art, on AR5 process

(New year’s greetings from the IPCC.)

5 Responses to No climate change denialists will apply

  1. David Horton says:

    Hmmm, and I thought I got some rancid comments on posts – but your Mr/Ms hattip is a beauty.


  2. Dale Husband says:

    “Shrill and adolescent Straw Men and ad hominem fallacies seem all that you are capable of.”

    This after you just did those fallacies yourself. Very funny!


  3. mark says:

    I thought perhaps the Potty Peer himself might apply, but then I noted that they are looking for someone with qualifications.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    I don’t write death threats to scientists, nor to denialists. I don’t claim denialists are getting rich off of their campaign, except for Monckton who is pulling down $20,000 fees and $100,000 in expenses for his Australian tour.

    I’ve detailed exactly what their errors are, in those areas I know they’ve erred.

    Deal with the facts: Your crew hasn’t got the science. All you’ve got is larceny and the thrill of larceny.

    If you think this is an intellectual exercise only, come on out and work on the beaches, will you? Tell us how to save the whooping cranes in Texas this year. Figure out how to reduce Texas home insurance bills, and weather damage, back to pre-warming days.

    Wrong on what facts? You can’t say.


  5. hattip says:

    As always, you are projecting your faults on to you opponents, a common error of narcissists and Leftists (but I repeat myself). It is you that engage in slander and cowardice, not those how disagree with you.

    You need to do somethng about your tether to reality: It becomes rather frayed.

    Face it: The climate change fakers have been found out, and by the decent, the productive and the rational, the sort that you and people like you slander and malign constantly and unrelentingly, and who have courageously forborne this abuse for decades now.

    Take you out of your little socialist mob and we would not hear a peep out of you.

    If it you had any courage, you would deal with facts, not cling reflexive to vile ideologies and personality pathologies. If you did that, however, you would have to admit that you are wrong on the facts, wrong on the morality and wrong on the rhetoric.

    This you cannot do because it threatens your bizaare and self-deluded notions of moral and intellectual superiority. This is really what drives you and not “concern about the climate”. This a profound cowardice on your part.

    Shrill and adolescent Straw Men and ad hominem fallacies seem all that you are capable of.


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