Eugenie Scott defends science, education, and evolution, in the Bone Room

It’s 30 minutes, and 30 minutes well-spent.

7 Responses to Eugenie Scott defends science, education, and evolution, in the Bone Room

  1. Hey very useful site!


  2. […] Eugenie Scott defends science, education, and evolution, in the … […]


  3. Algonquin Boniface says:

    Reading comments by hatrap is like grinding sand into your eyes…Why bother?


  4. Ediacaran says:

    What kind of creationist are you, hattip? I’d like to hear details, but why don’t you start with some major classifiers – are you an Old-Earther, Young-Earther, and/or Flat-Earther?

    Besides your views for the age and shape of the Earth, how old do you believe the Universe to be? Although it may seem that a Young-Earther should also believe in a Young Universe, I have met a creationist who was an Young-Earther/Old-Universer.


  5. Colm McGinn says:

    hattip (I’ve come across that name before, various ultra -Right, maybe mil sites) is just a foot-soldier of reaction.

    And of course, a True Believer.

    Bulletproof ignorance. Can’t get thru to that guy.


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    How do you think teaching high school biology is a “gravy train?”

    Is there any issue upon which you don’t strive to be the most ill-informed, loutish troll on the planet, hattip?

    You’d have teachers lie to students, and call that education, I gather. There is a special place in hell for creationists.


  7. hattip says:

    Don’t you mean he is defending the left’s co-option of the education and “science” establishments their own little gravy train. Such mediocrities can only survive on some sort of government subsidy.

    Seriously, the Democrat party is a menance to education and science, and culture and civilization in general.

    They peruse neith science or education, but rather pervert these things in to parodies of science and education.

    Watching a democrat defend education is like watching a hooker defend chastity.


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